These case studies were executed by HAH contracting.

CASE STUDY 1 – 380KV Expansion 9020 KAFC S/S (Riyadh-K.S.A)

Installation of two 380KV GIS diameters along with GIB, LCC, Control and Communication panels, LV power & control cables laying & termination of 150 Km and Cable trays installation works.

Project Name: Expansion of KAFC (9020) 380/132 Kv BSP Riyadh
Owner Name: Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Main Contractor: ABB Contracting Company
Installation Contractor: HAH Contracting Company

Scope: Installation of two 380KV GIS diameters along with GIB, LCC, Control and Communication panels, LV power & control cables laying & termination of 150Km & Cable trays installation works.

Special Note:
This was extension work of two diameters of 380KV one & half bar scheme GIS in the existing substation 9020 in Riyadh KSA.  This was special & difficult job as the working in live 380 KV room need special care and precaution in terms of safety. Further laying of control cable from GIS room to control room 350 Meter apart in the existing cable race ways & containments was a unique work.

HAH team with skilled manpower and trained crew made the difficult job easy and completed the work on time through special efforts running a dual day and night shift.

CASE STUDY 2 – Installation of POS Technical Rooms and Cable Tray (Riyadh-K.S.A)

Installation of 16 Traction power substations and lighting substations alongside installation of 33kV GIS, LCC, AC/DC converter. Control and Communication panels. Laying of cable tray and traction power cables.

Installation of Cable tray along 156 KM of track at via duct and cut and cover heights.
Shifting of material to via duct height. Installation of Cable tray inside station with limited excess and tough environments.

Project Name: Riyadh Metro Line 4 & 6 Works
Owner Name: Arriyadh Development Authority
Main Contractor: Alstom Transport under the branch of FAST Consortium.
Installation Contractor: HAH Contracting Company

Special Note:

This was a mega project for HAH, and works are still continuing with continuous change orders being awarded to HAH for its excellent performance and adherence to quality principles.

The Installation of power stations rooms included design, supply and installation of steel structure for support of panels. Major coordination with multiple entities was required to pull off the job. Installation of Cable tray alongside the track and inside the stations was particularly tough due to the height of the via duct and difficulty in transporting material. Total contracted manpower for this project exceeded 250 people at peak times with special teams for logistics and support.

HAH demonstrated excellence and superb project management. Continuous change orders for further works have been awarded to HAH, and this project is still on-going.